Technology for museums

This post stems from my passion for interactive spaces. Technology for museums is essential for keep younger audience engaged. 

Museums and art exhibitions are an important facet of our culture. History should not be forgotten, great art should not fade away. 

Social media and the internet has made the world smaller, but is it distancing us from culture?

How do we keep the younger audience engaged? 

How can we engage the younger, tech savvy audience? 

Keeping the above in mind let’s talk about some interactive technology for museums.

Augmented Reality for Museums

Augmented Reality is one of the best ways to show additional facets of an artwork. You could augment behind the scenes footage. Take the user into the past. Replacing reality with history is an task suited for Augmented Reality.

Many museums all over the world have opted for use AR in their museums. Here are few examples of some successful use cases. 

Terracotta Warriors – AR App
Visitors can use the institution’s app to view augmented reality renderings to better understand the mystery of the Terracotta Army. The AR-enhanced exhibition includes representations of how the sculptures, weapons, and artifacts are predicted to have appeared more than two thousand years ago.

Terracotta Warriors meet augmented reality at The Franklin Institute – Augmented Reality for Museum Interaction

Skins & Bones
Augmented Reality brings skeletons to life!

Watch a vampire bat skeleton pull itself off the mount and run away, or an extinct Steller’s Sea Cow materialize in the flesh. These are only two of a number of 3D digital experiences available when using the app in the exhibit. This exciting technology is known as Augmented Reality and it superimposes a virtual world onto the physical one. You can also test your natural history skills playing games.

For more use cases of Augmented Reality in Museums visit these links

Projection Mapping for Musems

Nothing like projection mapping to immerse the user in a make believe world. Perfect use case for creating immersive technology for museums.

teamLabs have created a spectacular experience using projection and creative artworks to immerse the user in a world they have never seen before. 
Check out another immersive project by teamLabs.

Similarly we now have a completely projected digital artwork museum in Paris. With over 1500 square feet of projection space, this is truly an awe inspiring installation.

Technology for Museums – Interactive Video Wall 

technology for museums - interactive video walls

The ArtLens Wall, is a 40 foot interactive, multi-touch installation.

Displaying real time works of art from prominent collections. 
User can interact with over 4,200+ artworks. Accessing artworks that may not be accessible otherwise.

ArtWall displays thematic groupings which may include artworks that are currently on loan as well as select light sensitive artwork that are in storage. 

To extend this concept of digital interactivity, Cleveland Museum of Art has created ArtLens Studio

ArtLens Studio is for the young and young at heart fostering a lifetime connection to the museum through joyful, creative exploration of the collection.  The activities are designed to begin a relationship to the collection through artwork-centered play. 

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