pocket vj open source projection mapping

PocketVJ Open Source Projection Mapping alternate to MadMapper

PocketVJ open source projection mapping. I am sure you have heard of MadMapper miniMad, the mini raspberry pi based controller for creating projection mapping shows.

Based on the same platform there is a great open source projection mapping tool called the Pocket VJ. Now in it’s 3rd edition this a great free tool to use for your projection mapping shows.

The PocketVJ is the simple and intuitive media server solution which fits in your pocket.
Developed and engineered in Berne, Switzerland.

Either buy PocketVJ (pre-packed with raspberry pi and everything you need to get started + you support the project) or download the source code and setup your self with a raspberry pi.

Pocket VJ is completely customisable, open source and best of all its free. I know the struggles of buying licensed softwares when client are not willing to pay for it.

the PocketVJ comes preloaded with presentation mode, video player, web interface for remote control, screen sharing, date/time schedule for management and you can sync players. 

You can send video files from your computer to the player using TCPSyphon (with a little latency based on your connection). You can even auto power up and down the PocketVJ via RJ45 jack (ethernet).

A little less intuitive than miniMad but hey its free and as robust with all the features you need to create your next projection mapped permanent installation.

PocketVJ is standalone you don’t need any other software to set it up. Unlike miniMad which required you to have Modul8 to connect and setup. 

I am sure going forward PocketVJ will be able to make a better interface and with growing community of passionate visual artist is can take over the world 🙂 Maybe you can help them design a better UI/UX and contribute to the project. 

Get PocketVJ pre-packed with a raspberry pi to try it out or download the open-source version and set it up yourself, leave your comments.

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