MindBlown Toledo Projection Mapping


MindBlown Toledo is a 6,000 square foot digital mural created by a Integrated Visions projected nightly onto the façade of the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Toledo, Ohio.

This monumental public art installation, one of the first permanent outdoor installations of its kind in the US, will showcase a variety of site-specific digital murals on a 90ft tall projection mapped video display.

The artworks will feature explorations of the glass industry processes and the creation of glass artwork, interwoven with related animations that combine vivid imagery, stunning effects, and spellbinding illusions. Future works will evolve to include different glass works artists and awe-inspiring, fun presentations that will bring the child out in anyone.

Beginning June 28, 2018, MindBlown Toledo debuted with “Directions” and “Refractions”, collaborations between Integrated Visions and studio glass artist Leo Tecosky.

To create “Directions”, Integrated Visions captured ultra high-resolution footage of the glassblowing process as Leo created an original piece of glass art in his studio.

Integrated Visions utilized this footage as a starting point to create a captivating abstract work exploring of the process of glass blowing.

In “Refractions”, Integrated Visions used a 3d scan of the sculpture Leo created in “Directions” as a floating centerpiece behind a mesmerizing wall of slowly moving glass tiles which refract and reflect the beautiful colors in the glass sculpture as light passes through.

MindBlown Toledo will continue to be updated with new artworks periodically.  Stay tuned for future collaborations between Integrated Visions and local Toledo glass artists.

For information about MindBlown Toledo, including show schedules, go to www.mindblowntoledo.com, and for more information about the Renaissance Toledo Downtown, please go to //renaissance-hotels.marriott.com/renaissance-toledo-downtown-hotel

Source : //www.integratedvisions.net/ubltangoportfolios/mindblown-toledo-projection-mapping/

LightForm the Light weight projection mapping tool

Projection mapping is going to take over the world one day 😀

There are endless possibilities when you map video to a surface. That’s exactly what LightForm aims to do with their hardware. Projection mapping for everyone.

LightForm LF1 is a sensor that scans your object/scene, creating a depth map which is auto-calibrated to the lens of your projector.

Lightform Creator, the LF1 companion software, generates intelligent effects that use the scan data and can be applied instantly with a single click of a button for stunning results.

I have yet to try this personally, if anyone one of you have tried it, leave your review in comments below, would love to read them.

I am pretty sure it’s not as easy as 1-2-3 there may be some manual adjustments needed. Still it will make projection mapping and video art more accessible to people.

A video that explains the LF1 workflow.

How-it-works – Lightform

Lightform Website

Look at the Projects gallery for inspiration. Some truly inspiring work.