LightForm the Light weight projection mapping tool

Projection mapping is going to take over the world one day 😀

There are endless possibilities when you map video to a surface. That’s exactly what LightForm aims to do with their hardware. Projection mapping for everyone.

LightForm LF1 is a sensor that scans your object/scene, creating a depth map which is auto-calibrated to the lens of your projector.

Lightform Creator, the LF1 companion software, generates intelligent effects that use the scan data and can be applied instantly with a single click of a button for stunning results.

I have yet to try this personally, if anyone one of you have tried it, leave your review in comments below, would love to read them.

I am pretty sure it’s not as easy as 1-2-3 there may be some manual adjustments needed. Still it will make projection mapping and video art more accessible to people.

A video that explains the LF1 workflow.

How-it-works – Lightform

Lightform Website

Look at the Projects gallery for inspiration. Some truly inspiring work.