SMODE – Real-Time Compositing

Planning to take your VJ Skills to the next level. Say Hello to SMODE!
Your real-time compositing software.

Are you tired of rendering videos, only to hit the render button again and again. Not only that, waiting for files to covert at times. Wishing you had rendered those extra clips? Does this sound familiar?

Often after setting up my mapping show on site, I find myself thinking “Only if I had rendered this loop like that” / “Maybe I could have tweaked this here” but I am out of time.

That’s where SMODE comes to save me time, energy and effort. At the same time providing me a powerful tool to create stunning visual effects real-time.

The best part about SMODE is that it’s been designed for content designers keeping code out of the system, it works just like Photoshop/AfterEffect with layers, masks and modifiers.

Everything is Layer based, combined with a powerful video oriented timeline-based and cue-based render engine.

Composite 2D/3D layers, particles, effects and shaders into one real-time composition in a scalable and adjustable manner.

Make changes to your art and have your client validate them in real-time! 

The entire production is live, from composting to actual stage. It’s simple an amazing tool that gives the video artist endless control and creativity. 

You do need a powerful GPU or a stack on GPU’s on your system to be able to run SMODE in beast mode.

  • Hundreds of 2D layers or millions of particles,
    no worries, the GPU takes care of it!
  • Ultra-fast rendering to video
    up to 100 frames of HD video rendering per second
  • Work with 4K, 6K, 8K or even larger content resolutions!
smode live stage design
Are you the stage designer? or Part of show control? Looking for a way to impress your client. 

SMODE gives you a live video-preview of your compositions thanks to the
3D stage simulator for video mapping and led mapping.

The magic happens by simply switching to the actual projector or video outputs. As simple as that.

Continue live-compositing and live-editing in harmony
with the stage, director, actors, lighting, sound, and cameras.

smode audio reactive visuals
Those pre-rendered passive video don’t do the trick for you? Looking for a more interactive projection mapping solutions?

Drumroll….. SMODE works here too!

Create interactive compositions driven by video cameras, audio input, SPOUT inputs and MIDI/OSC/DMX/Art-Net control.

Infinite number of combinations of dynamically chain-able 2D and 3D modifiers (effects) and masks for visuals generation.

Integrate your own GLSL shaders into your compositions.

Download SMODE now and give it a try.


Best Free Video Editing Software

Looking for a Free Video Editing software? That not only edits but can meet all your post production requirements?

As a visual artist a good video editor is very important.
Premiere Pro and Adobe suite was my go to choice, till I discovered Davinci Resolve.

Davinci Resolve is the best free video editing software!

best free video editing software - davinci resolve

With Resolve you can edit, color correct, audio post and visual effects.
What’s most exciting for me as a visual artist is Davinci Fusion visual effects.

The Fusion page give you a 3D workspace with over 250 tools for compositing, vector paint, text animation, particles and more.
Fusion also takes advantage of the new Apple Metal and CUDA GPU processing.

Okay back to the editing features, I got a little excited and carried away with Fusion. Can’t wait to get cracking.

You can subtitles and closed captioning, open staked sequences/timelines, annotation tools, 2D and 3D title templates, resolve FX keyframes (add keyframes to resolve FX and open FX plugins), improved optical flow (for slow motion and smooth cuts).

Along with all the features you get in any pro-grade software like, multi-cam editing, project bins, advanced trimming options.

  • Audio-overlay (preview audio waveforms in clip bins to make selection easier)
  • Plug in effects (a huge library of plugins)
  • Speed effects (control the speed of clips using curves)
  • Timeline curve editor (key frame and control animations
  • Everything you can need from an editing software is packed in.

A powerful all in one package from BlackMagic. That too free. You have to check it to believe it.

In the pro version multiple editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers can all work on the same project at the same time!

I have not tried this feature yet but if any of you do comment below and let us know about your experience.

Head over to the Davinci Resolve website right now and download for your operating system. They have it all Mac, Win, Linux!